Rockstar Games just added online heists to GTA 5 across all versions of the game. It's arguably the biggest update to the game yet.

However, GTA 5 doesn't tell you how to actually use this new feature. Here's what you need to know to start off your crime spree:

How To Start Your First Heist

To lead your own heists, you need to be Rank 12 in GTA Online and own a high-end apartment. You can find a list of high-end apartments here. The cheapest one, Apartment 7 at Del Perro Heights, costs $200,000.

If you fit this criteria, Lester will give you a phone call and invite you to his garment factory. Once you accept the heist, you'll be able to invite fellow players through the lobby or your friends list. Once you've completed a heist, you'll also have the option of inviting players from your previous job. In all likelihood, you'll be teaming up with the same players more than once for reasons I'll outline later.

If you're below Rank 12, you can still play heists. Anyone who has completed the GTA Online up to the Gerald's first Last Team Standing job is able to accept an invite from a heist leader. The catch is that progress for the heist is only saved for the leader.

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