GTA 5 Online Players Recreate Back To The Future Chase Scene

GTA Online players expressed their love for the eighties in a creative way this week. They've reenacted a chase scene from the opening act of Back to the Future.

If you're too young to have seen Back to the Future, I'll try to put it in terms you can understand. BttF is basically Harry Potter. Just replace "wizard school" with "time machine car" and "defeats Voldemort" with "narrowly avoids sleeping with his teenage mother." Eighties cinema has no equal.

This specific scene shows the maiden voyage of the time machine. Our Hero Marty McFly (eighties) is preparing to film the experiment with his friend Doc Brown. They're interrupted, however, by the sudden arrival of a van full of Libyans (eighties). They're upset that Doc Brown stole their plutonium and decide to shoot him up. Marty escapes in the time machine and travels back to the 1950s. God, I love this movie.

For comparison's sake, you can watch the original scene below in two videos:

Doc Brown looks like a white guy with dreads in the GTA Online video (first posted on Reddit). There are also a few shots of characters just standing in place. Other than that, the recreation's pretty good. The video uses the actual audio from the film to make it as accurate as possible. I'm glad the creators didn't try to pull out their best Michael J. Fox impersonation.

The lack of visual effects hurts the reenactment a bit, too. There are no flame trails or other telltale signs of the DeLorean's time travel process. Maybe that shortcoming of the video can be corrected with the PC version of GTA 5. Rockstar says that the game will have advanced movie-making tools on that platform, allowing players to create more polished films.

Plenty of other GTA Online players have been recreating movies since the game's launch. Previous videos include reenactments of Terminator 2 and Skyfall.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.