GTA 5 Online Skydiving Video Is Full Of Embarrassing Deaths

The crew that tried to fly airplanes through the "D" in GTA Online's Vinewood sign is back with another video. This time, they tried to sky-dive through the sign.

The ragdoll physics of GTA Online makes the failures really fun to watch. One of the skydivers aims too high and hits the top edge of the sign, hanging there for a painful second before tumbling off. Others aim too low and bounce down the hill, arms flailing.

Perhaps the most painful attempt comes right at the beginning of the video though. The parachutist comes lands right on top of a helicopter and bounces off. The chopper barely flinches but that skydiver's dead several times over.

In time, players figure out how to aim their dive and sail right through the sign. The video doesn't show what happens to them after they get through the sign, though. They're hurtling face-first toward the ground so it probably doesn't end well. It would be impressive of one of them had managed to pull their chute and land safely, though.

Be sure to stick with the video after the "thanks for watching" message. There's about a minute of bonus footage featuring another challenge. One player stands on a roof while other players diving from a nearby skyscraper try to torpedo him. It reminds me a bit of that human bullet video from earlier this year. Just to recap: landing on someone at full speed doesn't kill them. It does, however, hurt you real bad:

The Vinewood sky-diving video is the handiwork of the GTA Adventures crew. Their main objective is to have off-beat events like this. You can find out how to join their Xbox 360 or PS3 crews here.

If you didn't see the original video of GTA Adventures trying to fly planes through the Vinewood sign, check it out below. It's just as impressive of a challenge, with the added bonus of fire and explosions.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.