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Rockstar released some new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V and hopefully they don't come with any sort of legal threats or cease and desist letters. The screens are as cool as a restaurant's freezer, with a quick glimpse at a customized sub-machine gun and Michael, the main character, sporting a well groomed face forest.

Dualshockers spotted the new screenshots hot off the presses and posted them up about as fast as The Flash choking the chicken.

Every time Rockstar releases new images for the game, though, it's always great spotting out some of the specific details made apparent in the images. For instance, the police cars in the image almost look identical to the modified community police mods for GTA IV with the ELS modification system. It's interesting Rockstar went that route for the lights and design of the police.

The car in the garage with Franklin looks an awful lot like the Aston Martin DB6. I'm not sure which car that is in Rockstar's cache of vehicles but it could be new, maybe?

The image with the bearded Michael holding what looks like a silenced Honey Badger with a red-dot scope on top is as sexy as a silenced Honey Badger with a red-dot scope on top. I mean... wow that looks amazing. It also begs the question if more weapons will have that same level of customization? It could really add to the flavor of the experience.

That customized Feltzer also looks badass, outrunning the cops with the modified front end, hood, side-skirts and spoiler. Some of the cars look so awesome in the game it's hard to think that modders will be quick to replace them once the game launches on PC. It's probably one of the rare times where modders may not even want to replace the cars in the game.

Grand Theft Auto V really is shaping up to be the biggest game of the generation and the perfect way to close it out. There's just so much content that Rockstar pumped into this title that it's just insane. From the mini-games to the vehicle customization to the character customization to the bank heists, the races, the multiplayer and everything else in between, it's just literally insane.

You can look for GTA V to launch near the end of the month for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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