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GTA 5 Trailer Previews The Various Gangs Of Los Santos


[Update: Here's another video that gives an overview of the one Rockstar had removed]

You can always count on Rockstar to provide the goods. A new video trailer for GTA V features a look at a fictional TV show that scours the underbelly of Los Santos and the rest of San Andreas in a COPS parody. The five minute trailer introduces you to the various gangs you'll encounter throughout the game, with a few familiar names on the list.

I couldn't help but notice that beyond the three minute mark there's a gang that looks awfully similar to another low-level street scum outlet from another game. I'm talking about those pesky psychopaths known for their hijinks and over-the-top mannerisms... yes, the Third-Street Saints from Saints Row.

The Ballas or whatever they're called look like perfect marks for a Saints Row dig, and I'm sure Rockstar didn't hold back anything to give the second-tier open-world title a rib or two. Heck, it would be a missed opportunity if they didn't at least parody the game that parodies the entire open-world genre (or at least, became a parody of the open-world genre after Saints Row 3).

The video, courtesy of Leadergamer, continues on to roll out a few more details on some of the other gangs featured in the game, none of which are all that striking except for maybe The Lost MC from GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City: The Lost & Damned.

It's too bad the trailer doesn't discuss it but I would love to know if it's possible to actually join a gang in GTA V, similar to GTA 2 or if that's all off limits? I suppose if you really wanted to there's a possibility of joining or creating gangs within the GTA V Online Mode, which could give you all the gang warfare methamphetamine you could possibly want.

Speaking of the online mode... the ability to craft your character based on the DNA samplings of other GTA characters matched together like a bad take on The Sims' DNA child creator is a neat way to add some varied diversity to the character creation. My only concern is, how on Earth will this fit into memory for the current gen consoles in addition to all the custom cars, pedestrians, cops, random events, races, heists and story missions? I imagine something has to give but we won't know what it is until we play it.

Anyway, GTA V is set for release this September for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Some smart gamers have decided to just hold off for the definitive version of the game – whenever Rockstar plans to announce it – and will get it then.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official Grand Theft Auto website. Oh yeah, and GTA IV was recently blamed for turning an 8-year-old into a ravenous killer.

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