The GTA V Map Is Getting Totally Remade In Minecraft

A group of gamers have decided to recreate the world of Grand Theft Auto V, block for block, within the world of Minecraft, and the results are pretty impressive.

This latest insane Minecraft creation comes from Youtube user N11ck, who decided to team up with a bunch of friends and rebuild the city of Los Santos, as well as the surrounding areas, from scratch.

Following is a clip the team recently put together called “GTA 5 In Minecraft Cinematic #1,” which sums up much of the work the team has pulled together so far. They began the project back in January of 2015, which means they've been plugging away on this daunting undertaking for a solid year at this point.

Impressive, sure, but I'm more curious to find out where these people find all of their free time. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to get all of this put together, even if you are working with a bunch of friends.

It's important to not that the team isn't making a world that looks like the game world of Grand Theft Auto V, but are instead building the entire map in a 1:1 scale. If it's in Rockstar's action game, it's appearing in this Minecraft version of the city. The whole shebang measures around 7,500 by 7,500 blocks and it includes Los Santos itself, as well as the mountainous region of the surrounding Blaine County.

My greatest accomplishment within Minecraft is a pretty spiffy little castle up on a hill, so seeing stuff like this always makes me wonder why I even bother. I look around and my creation, mind reeling at the amount of time and work that has gone into it, and then something like this GTA comes along and makes everything I've built look like a toothpick shanty by comparison.

This is, of course, only the latest super impressive feat to be undertaken within the world of Minecraft. We've seen people create games within the game, a working cell phone, a recreation of the lands of Westeros from A Game of Thrones and more. And that actually gets at the heart of what makes Minecraft so amazing, as well as why it remains one of the most-played games so long after its release despite the fact that it isn't a cutting-edge, AAA game in terms of graphics and gameplay. It's basically a sandbox of creativity that makes it easy for folks to build whatever is in their head. In a medium like video games, it's like giving folks the most amazing set of Legos and telling them to go wild.

And as folks like N11ck and his pals are proving, they are indeed going wild.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.