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Today Disruptor Beam confirmed the fifth and final House that players will be able to join in Facebook strategy game Game of Thrones: Ascent. Players will be able to side with Daenerys and return the Targaryens to prominence.

The Targaryens were dragon-riders who once ruled all of Westeros. Before the events of the show/novels, they were overthrown by Robert Baratheon and his allies. The House is all but wiped out but not forgotten. Many nobles and peasants are secretly loyal to the house. It's just a matter of mobilizing these forces.

In Ascent, players develop their own keeps, form alliances, and attempt to conquer enemy lands. Political intrigue is at the heart of the game. It's the sort of Facebook game that Tyrion Lannister would play when he's not drinking or whoring.

If you'd rather not back the incestuous Targaryens, you'll have plenty of other fetching options. You can side with the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons, or Greyjoys. I was expecting House Martell to be one of the options but ultimately they're not as iconic as these other Houses. Disruptor hints that they'll be adding additional factions in the future, though, so perhaps fans of the Sand Snakes will be able to show their devotion soon enough.

Disruptor Beam plans to launch Ascent later this year. As is the case with most social network games, they'll probably roll it out through a slowly building beta.

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