The Xbox 360 entertainment experience has officially expanded, yesterday adding brand new apps for both GameTrailers and Redbox Instant by Verizon.

It's no secret that the modern consoles are on a quest to claim your entertainment time this generation, offering more and more functionality that has absolutely nothing to do with playing games. From music and movies to anime, surfing the net and more, modern consoles are all about being the one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. But even with apps for services like Hulu Plus and Netflix available, there's always room for more services.

Over on the Xbox 360 front, Major Nelson is reporting that two new apps have been added to the Xbox Live experience, both featuring loads of content to keep you busy without needed to fuss around with all of those buttons and triggers on a controller.

First up is the GameTrailers app, which brings all of the GT content you're used to watching on your computer straight to your Xbox 360. Along with the debut of a brand new show, Seedlings, set within the world of Minecraft, the Major says users of this app will be able to check out “original shows, in-depth game reviews and the newest game previews and trailers.”

Next up is the Redbox Instant by Verizon app, which simply turns your home console into a streaming provider of all of Redbox's on demand video content. If you already have (or plan on getting) a Redbox subscription, this bad boy makes it easier than ever to check out your favorite movies and shows without even having to find the nearest Redbox console in your home town.

Both the GameTrailers and Redbox apps are available right now on XBLA.

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