Activision has sent out a new trailer for X-Men Destiny. This latest trailer offers gameplay footage of the various super powers you'll wield.

Players won't control established X-Men characters in Destiny. Instead, they'll pick from three brand new characters. Each comes from a very different background. What all three have in common, though, is that they're just now coming to grips with their powers and how they fit into a society that despises mutants.

Player choice is a big part of Destiny. Throughout the game you'll need to make a series of decisions that affect the storyline. You'll also decide what sort of powers your character will possess. The trailer shows three categories of abilities: "Light Projection," "Density Control" and "Shadow Matter."

The end of the trailer reiterates Destiny's September 27th release date in North America. The game's due in Europe on the 30th.

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