Fancy a night out on the town and a free concert to listen to some of your favorite orchestrated video game music? Well, you're in luck because your friendly neighborhood Gaming Blend peddlers are waiving fees like Sony with the PS4, and giving out two free tickets to the Video Game Orchestra next weekend in Boston, Massachusetts.

The concert is presented by the Boston Festival of Indie Games and will feature the talents from renown artists within the interactive entertainment industry such as VGO, DJ Cutman, Control Group and Bastion's own Darren Korb. You remember Bastion and that soundtrack that would make a 300lb bare-fisted prison pugilist cry, right? Well yeah, that Darren Korb will be on hand to play some sweet, sweet tunes from that broken-world game where being selfish and saving yourself proved to make for a much better ending than trying to restore the planet to its former glory.

Anyway, a bunch of the hipsters who helped bring indie games to life with amazing music and sounds that make the hairs in your ear dance like they were hit by Saints Row IV's dubstep gun, will be packing in the Middle East Downstairs for an 18-year-old (and older) crowd.

The event is also being co-sponsored by one of gaming's most recognized names in the music genre, Harmonix. According to the press release...
The Boston Festival of Indie Games is a celebration of independent game development with emphasis on the New England and neighboring regions. The Boston Festival of Indie Games seeks to support and showcase the efforts of independent game developers by providing a free public event that encourages attendees to share and interact with games in various media, including video games, location-based games and tabletop games.

The show will open at 8:00pm with Deadbeatblast, a music visualist who re-purposes children electronics for music. Things will kick it into high gear with Control Group at 9:00pm, a mixed group of recognized names churning out an “alchemy of pop hooks and punk attitude”. If you're still able to hang past your regular school-night bedtime then you'll be able to sink into the chair or rise out of your seat with joy as DJ Cutman takes the stage, popping electric chiptunes and a cavalcade of sounds fused from hip-hop and rock to dubstep and funk & soul. It's the perfect way to finish the evening off at 11:30pm with the Video Game Orchestra.; a group that relishes in the symphonic sound of video game culture and all things digital entertainment.

If that sounds like the kind of weekend getaway you and a friend (or your significant other) might duly enjoy, then feel free to hit us up on Facebook with a message. It's that simple.

We'll pick the lucky winner over the weekend so you'll have time to make travel arrangements (if it's necessary) to 472 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139 by September 14th, next week, to enjoy the sweet melodies and sounds of some of your favorite games at the Boston Plays Indies concert.

You can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

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