February wrapped up and launched us into March with a vengeance. For those of you who may have just found the website or have been visiting for a while but missed out on some important news, this February, 2012 Monthly Recap will help catch you up on all things gaming as we power forward through March.

February 4th - 10th: LEGO Universe Dies, Xbox Trinity, Assassin's Creed 3 The LEGO Group officially shuts down LEGO Universe after the subscription based MMO under performs. Ubisoft sets the official release date for the third and final Assassin's Creed game to feature Desmond and his arc involving both Altair and Ezio. And we give gamers a vote on what they would like to call Microsoft's next Xbox and most people agree Trinity is the way to go.

February 11th - 17th: PSN Now SEN, Unreal Engine 4, Sleeping Dogs Awaken This is probably one of the most underplayed weeks this year in terms of the importance of the news. Sony officially changed the PlayStation Network (PSN) into the Sony Entertainment Network. The change came with the patch that occurred during that week's update. Most gamers still call it PSN but Sony is now moving forward with SEN. Exactly how this will affect their marketing is completely up in the air. Anyways, Square Enix finally let the lid off their repackaged take on True Crime: Hong Kon with Sleeping Dogs. And most importantly, Epic is ready to unveil the next generation of software design tools with the Unreal Engine 4, prepping for an official announcement later this year.

February 18th - 24th: Skyrim Creation Kit, Free Battlefield 3, PS4 At E3 2012 Bethesda's Mod Creation Kit for Skyrim makes it easy to download and install mods of your choice from a broad range of mods. If you were planning on getting Mass Effect 3 one of the promotions included a free copy of Battlefield 3 and new rumors surface indicating that Sony may have been lying about not having any new console announcements for this year, pointing at a possible revelation for the PS4 at E3 2012.

February 25th - March 2nd: Activision Blacklisting, GTA TV, Diablo 3 Isn't Jesus The final recap of the month covering Activision's blacklisting scandal that they say never happened, a trademark filing by Rockstar for both Rockstar TV and GTA TV, as well as Blizzard coming clean and letting everyone know to lower their expectations...Diablo 3 won't be the second coming of Jesus.

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