All right, January is done and over with and it brought some really, really interesting news. From Microsoft making an early announcement about their E3 presence after following through with a no-show at the Consumer Electronics Show to Sony deciding that they need to get the leg up on the competition by making a huge announcement about the PlayStation brand later this month. The gaming industry, despite its flaws, has already kicked it into high gear as if 2013 was the last year for all of gaming and everyone decided it was time to put up or blow the freaking planet up with brain-busting news. I'm fine with either one. Anyway, check out what was going on throughout the rest of the first month of 2013 in this Gaming Blend Monthly Recap.

December 30th – January 5th
BioWare Commits to Frostbite 2, The Sims 2 Online Shutsdown and Alan Wake 2 Could Be On The Way EA and BioWare make it known that they will be committed to using DICE's next-generation game engine for their upcoming projects. The Sims 2's online mod shop officially hosted by EA has been shutdown, along with a bunch of other games, leading many people to fear for the future of SimCity 2013. This slightly bad news is offset with hints surfacing regarding the possibilities of Alan Wake 2.

January 6th – January 12th
Firefly MMO Inbound? Steam Piston Console Screenshots, Tons of New Gaming Gear from CES 2013 Announced This was a pretty cool week o f January as we were treated with all sorts of awesome launches and announcements for gaming peripherals thanks to the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Talk of a Firefly MMO based around the TV show emerged, but we can safely assume they'll just stay as talks, and the first screenshots of the first announced version of the Steam Box known as the Steam Piston released during the week, giving gamers a lot to be excited for.

January 13th – January 19th
Arma 2 Tops The Charts Again, Next-Gen Console Prices Hinted At, Pokemon X And Y On Wii U? The combination of DayZ and the new Wasteland mod helps put Arma 2 back into the spotlight as the game to play. An analyst predicts that the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation will hover around the $400 price point and we get a lot of assets and media for Pokemon X & Y, as well as an explanation (or more like an excuse) as to why the games have never had full iterations released on Nintendo's home consoles.

January 20th – January 26th
Atari Goes Bankrupt, THQ Is Sold Off And More Gaming Journalism Fails Again This was probably the week in gaming news where gamers just wanted to bury their heads in their hands and cry out “Why?!....Whhhhhyy?!” Atari split off from itself by filing for bankruptcy. THQ also bit the dust when all their properties and assets were sold off to other major gaming publishers and some louse thought he could further defame video game journalism by making up fake news and getting it circulated around as real news. Guess what? He succeeded.

January 27th – February 2nd
GTA V Release Date Confirmed, Orion Jurassic Edition, Games Vs Guns Rockstar ends January with a bang and starts February with a pow by unleashing the official release date for Grand Theft Auto V, Sony also lays down the gauntlet by setting up February as the month in which the PlayStation 4 will be revealed and this is also followed by an announcement by Spiral Game Studios regarding a sequel to Orion that features more dinosaurs, more vehicles, more weapons and more fun-loving co-op play. The only thing that tried to drag the week down was a troglodyte from a bygone era trying to pass off antiquated arguments about video games killing people and not guns. Last I checked if you shoot someone in the face with a gun it kills them dead, but if you shoot someone with a plasma rifle on Halo they just respawn.

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