March came to an end with a bit of a sputter and then a pop of a spark as majority of the month consisted of Electronic Arts hogging the newswires with damage control and the downplay of the SimCity fiasco involving the very not-consumer-friendly always-on DRM. Beyond that, a blitzkrieg of PR followed in the final days of March for DICE's Battlefield 4 as well as lots and lots and lots of tech demos coming out GDC 2013 showing gamers a lot of what's to come in the interactive entertainment industry. This and more in this March, 2013 Gaming Blend Monthly Recap.

March 3rd – March 9th
Thief Announced for next-gen consoles, Tropes vs Women in Games, Simcity DRM Fiasco all make up for the early part of March's explosive news content. Electronic Arts and Maxis come under huge fire for lying to the public, denying refunds and taking lots of anti-consumer measures to protect sales of SimCity. Despite the explosive EA PR disaster, it didn't overshadow the Tropes vs Women in Games documentary, which caused quite a stir itself.

March 10th – March 16th
Star Wars: First Assault doesn't get announced, SimCity heads offline and the Steambox is priced. During this week of March things escalate even further for EA to the point where not only are they proven wrong about SimCity but proven that everything they said leading up to the game's release was completely and entirely untrue. Going further down the deepend of depressing territory, LucasArts canned Star Wars: First Assault, which was supposed to be a budget priced title to gauge interest for a Battlefront 3. Xi3 did however drop news about their rendition of the Steam Box and it's a beastly and costly $1,000.

March 17th – March 23rd
Battlefield 4 and Dungeon Defenders 2 announced, Aliens: Colonial Marines Patched. Gearbox Software does what a lot of what the rumors hinted at them doing: they finally patched Aliens: Colonial Marines. The real question is if it will ever come up to parity of the original E3 demo? Who knows? Anyway, Trendy Entertainment announced Dungeon Defenders 2 and the game will be taking on more of a MOBA feel along with being free-to-play. SimCity also received an unofficial guide for patching in offline play and a classic from the yesteryears of gaming was announced as making a return to form with a remastered edition of Duck Tales.

March 24th – March 30th
Metal Gear Solid 5 is announced, Battlefield 4 gets new gameplay footage and Unity is coming to PS4. Electronic Arts unveils the full gameplay trailer for Battlefield 4 while Unity Technology announces that they will be supporting the PlayStation 4 later on this year. Other big news includes Epic Games unveiling the first footage of Unreal Engine 4 tech running on the PlayStation 4 and while there are some big differences between the PC and console versions of the engine, it's still optimize well enough to make use of some next generation technology.

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