If you've been looking for a gorgeous racing title that doesn't skimp on the content, go easy on the carnage or take firepower lightly, then you're looking for a game with mufflers of steel, and a potential title to soothe that thirst for twisted metal is an indie game called Gas Guzzlers.

Activision briefly tried to revive the combat racing genre with Bizarre Creations' Blur but they did so at a ridiculous time, cannibalizing their own potential sales profits by launching side-by-side with Disney Interactive's TV-style destruction racing game, Split/Second. Both games did moderate numbers, mostly due in part to vying for the same demographic and launching at the same time obviously didn't help, and in result both studios completely abandoned the genre.

Well, leave it to the indies to revive the fun in gaming because mainstream publishers obviously don't have a clue.

Pandora Studios' Gas Guzzlers hearkens back to the days of Interstate 76, Interstate 82 and Redline, as well as combat-arena games such as the very first Vigilante 8 and the original Carmageddon. You get a fair shake of both racing and destructive vehicular combat with a wide range of heavy-metal machinery. You can check out a glimpse of the gameplay in the trailer below.

Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage Release Trailer 1 - Desura

That looks absolutely sleek. It's also very impressive that a small studio could build their very own engine and manage to get the game to look and run like a standard AAA title. The PranaEngine looks about as sexy as the top-tier middleware engines out there used in most other big-budget games.

Anyways, it's time talk to price. The game has a rather higher-than-usual indie entry price, costing gamers $31.99. I have no idea what the replay value is like or if it's one of those games riddled with bugs. Based on the video it's impossible to tell. However, the game is only available right now on Desura's Website but if it picks up enough steam I'm sure it won't be long before we see it on Steam...heck, it definitely deserves to be on Steam looking as good and as fun as it does.

You can learn more about Gas Guzzlers by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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