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The Gears of War 4 beta is nearly ready to get underway and The Coalition wanted to give gamers a quick run-through of some of the necessary gameplay elements to make use of during the beta in order to survive with teammates and come out victorious.

Over on the Gears of War YouTube channel the developers posted up eight tips on how to get a hold of the gameplay and some of the new features in the newest Gears of War game. You can check out the video below.

They start with some of the basics, like using cover with the 'A' button to get from one location to the next hastily and mostly out of the way of harm. You can use the cover to blind fire or pick off opponents by peeking out and carefully taking your shots.

They also mention that the “down but not out” state returns in Gears of War 4, allowing you to crawl to safety and self-revive. If you don't get to safety in time then you're susceptible to getting picked off by an opponent, either by being shot or curb-stomped into the ground.

The video also highlights the active reloading feature, which allows you to quickly reload your weapon and gain additional damage if you land the reload counter on the white part of the active reload bar. This feature makes a return from all the other previous Gears of War games.

The loadouts are also briefly discussed, offering gamers different types of weapon proficiency at different distances, with the Lancer working well for long range and the shotgun being great for up close encounters. They also briefly discuss the importance of power weapons scattered throughout the maps, where players can use these powerful weapons to turn the tide of battle.

Now one of the actual new features is the post-cover combat system. This new implementation hosts things like the vault kick or the yank. The former sees players springing over a cover point and kicking an opponent right square in the jaw. The latter sees players capable of pulling a foe from the opposite side of cover out into the open. In the case of the yank, it's possible to follow-up the yank with a quick melee kill. Both the yank and the vault kick can be countered with a well-timed press of the 'B' button from those on the receiving end of the moves.

The last two features include spotting, which allows you to pick out your enemies and mark them for your teammates., and using the Tac-Com, which can be done with the left bumper, giving you a view of your teammates on the map.

These tips will certainly help newcomers to the Gears of War franchise, but other than the vault kick and yank, most of this stuff is basic Gears of War 101 info.

The Coalition and Microsoft will commence the beta for Gears of War 4 on April 18 and it will run through April 24. At the very end of the month they will also open up the beta for those with Xbox Live Gold to participate up through May 1.

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