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Gears Of War Judgment Lost Relics DLC Launches Today For VIPs

Hope you’re ready to return to battle, because four new maps are headed to Gears of War: Judgment today as part of the Lost Relics DLC pack. That means more online dudes to kill and more locations in which to do said killing. Hooah!

As pointed out in the DLC’s official announcement, today’s launch date does come with one small catch: You need to be a VIP member to get it. If you happen to be counted amongst the unwashed masses of non-VIOs, however, your wait for the new maps won’t be much longer. Everyone, regardless of status, will be able to play the DLC starting next Tuesday, June 25.

Along with the new maps, Lost Relics promises new weapon and armor skins, “as well as the new mode, Breakthrough.” No word on what Breakthrough actually entails, so I guess we’ll have to wait until later today to download the DLC and find out. Unless we’re not VIP but, again, we just went over that.

The latest game from Epic, Gears of War: Judgment continues (or begins, really) the story of humankind’s battle with the Locust hordes. Similar to the previous games in the series, it’s a third-person, cover-based shooter exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Today’s Lost Relics DLC will add new maps to the multiplayer component, including Checkout, Lost City, Museum and Ward. A flythrough video for Checkout is embedded above. To get a quick look at what the other maps have to offer, visit the Lost Relics official launch announcement.

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