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As Rockstar promised, the latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV launched earlier today. Slobbering fans can grab the trailer on the official website, or watch it in HD glory via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The trailer is one of the most cinematic we’ve seen for a game, and Rockstar is really pushing the limits on just what we can expect with the game.

Overall GTA IV is looking pretty, with some nice graphical touches like the reflections in the river. An unusual experience when talking about GTA, which has never wowed me in its looks. It is still distinctly GTA in style, especially with highly polygon looking characters and off kilter lip-synching. The engine running the environment is decent, but sweet Jebus those are some ugly character models.

Other than that – and let’s be honest no one’s ever put down a GTA title because they thought it looked ugly – the game looks like something I’ll put more than the usual fifteen hours into. Then again, this is a slickly designed trailer and not indicative of the game. It’s marketing done well.

And did I catch a little cover system going at one point? Because that has me intrigued. As we find out more on the upcoming blockbuster we’ll let you know what’s up with GTA IV.

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