Positech Games has launched the beta test for their tower defense/real-time strategy/simulation Gratuitous Tank Battles. You can get guaranteed access to the test by pre-ordering the game through the company's website.

Tank Battles takes place in an alternate history in which World War I never ended. You'll figure with tanks, mechs, and other futuristic technology. All units in the game are customizable. A level editor will allow you to create and share new maps.

"Note that the game is currently in beta, which means it is not 100% finished, or bug-free," says Positech. "Pre-ordering the game gives you access to this current beta version. The game will automatically update itself to the full final version as soon as it becomes available."

No word on when the full version is expected to launch. Presumably it'll be released by the end of the year, though, if they've already opened the game to the public for testing.

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