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The highly anticipated PS3 shooter Killzone 2 will finally hit stores this week and bring an end to the Great Hype War of Ought-Nine. How did Guerrilla Games feel about getting so much attention lavished on their game?

"Especially the first couple of years, it was very hard," said Guerrilla Games producer Steven Ter Heide in a chat with Gamespot. "You kind of have to be quiet and try and ignore the forums as much as you can."

Hype's not really new to Guerrilla, though. They received a fair share when it came to the first Killzone, which had been billed as a "Halo killer" but hadn't lived up to those hopes. "We were a little bit overambitious, I guess, with the original Killzone. We weren't able to live up to expectations there, so we didn't want to make the same mistakes. So we decided these are the things we keep, these are the things we need to do better--delivering on our promises was one thing we were very keen to do this time around.

Even if its predecessor fell short of the mark, Killzone 2 seems to getting reviews in line with its hype. Advance reviews have the game at a 92 Metacritic score right now. The game hits stores in North America on February 27th.