You've heard of Minecraft right? Well, get ready for the "Me Too" first-person shooter version of Minecraft called GunCraft. It uses blocky voxels and sports all the high-octane, fully destructible environments FPS fans have been asking for since the beginning of this generation of gaming.

Right now GunCraft is in the Kickstarter phase of development. But don't worry, creator John Getty has plenty of goodies available to get gamers geeked for the release of the game. In fact, there's a new promotional trailer for GunCraft which you can check out below, spoofing the now famous Vet and Noob promotional ad Activision used for Modern Warfare 3.

It may seem ridiculous but you have to give him points for trying. What's more is that another gameplay trailer was released showcasing how the gun and weapon mechanics work in the game, and to be honest it's kind of exciting.

The real hook for the game isn't that it's just a Minecraft wannabe, it's more-so that the game offers vehicles, plenty of weapons and fully destructible environments. You can also build, craft and design new items on the fly. While a lot of newer games have been focused on advanced lighting on trash cans, and high-polygon count toilets, Getty and crew want players to hearken back to the old days of Scorthed Earth where grenades created holes in the floor and bombs made craters.

You can check out the second gameplay trailer for GunCraft below or if you're really amped for this game, feel free to donate to the project over at the Official KickStarter Page.

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