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A senior designer from Daybreak Games who is working on H1Z1 partook in a community Q&A with questions picked from across the world wide web. Adam Clegg is his name and he hosts a developer spotlight video that rolls out a roadmap of things to come and what Daybreak is working on in newer iterations of the game. Check it out below, courtesy of MassivelyOP.

If you weren't able to watch the video or just want the basics from what the video discussed, some of the highlights included the future of the game's map size, as well as world events and expanding the game's skin and wearable system.

One thing Clegg mentioned that stood out is that they can't expand the map in H1Z1 until they get the new tech in place, at which point the map size will increase by 16 times its current size. In the interim, Clegg mentions that the team will focus on making the current map a lot more dense – there are plenty of areas that are completely underutilized.

New world events are also on the way, such as experimenting with world events surrounding an improved dam scenario. Unfortunately Clegg doesn't say what the actual event is.

When asked about skins for more items, Clegg addresses the question head-on, saying...
“No weapon skins just yet, but we definitely plan on doing that in the future. Right now we're just trying to get as many wearables into the game that we can. eventually we'll have better player characters that will have a lot more wearables.

“[…] Down the road we'll be able to do skins on weapons.”

Within the 12 month design window he mentions that he's hoping there will be more squads and team systems, as well as more rule-sets and game modes to help expand the content of the game. Eventually he mentions that with the extra squads and player-teams, he hopes that H1Z1 will eventually have leagues.

I think the idea of adding e-sports elements to the game could help separate H1Z1 from games like DayZ or Unturned. That's not to mention that establishing leagues of sorts would really help expand the game's role-playing elements for factions.

At the moment, Daybreak Games – formerly known to most of the gaming world as Sony Online Entertainment – is focused on fixing up some of the game's more glaring bugs and glitches, and ironing out the stability of the gameplay experience.

There was some drama over H1Z1's airdrops for a bit because some people thought it became a pay-to-win mechanic, but the developers quickly addressed it to scale back how easy it would be for players to call in extra equipment and gear up, especially since weapons did drop with the supply pack call-in.

It looks like H1Z1 has a long and fulfilling future ahead of it. While the Early Access phase started off kind of rocky, it appears as if the devs are getting back on track.

You can learn more about H1Z1, the open-world zombie survival game, by paying a visit to the official website.
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