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Sony Online Entertainment just recently launched H1Z1, the online zombie survival game, on Steam's Early Access platform. The title garnered a lot of feedback and traffic to the point where the servers were inaccessible for gamers. But inaccessibility isn't the only complaint some gamers have.

IGN has compiled a list of some of the problems that gamers have run into and complained about regarding the launch of H1Z1.

The game was trending on Twitter Thursday night as gamers were eager to test out the open-world survival title for the first time... bugs, glitches and all. The problem was that around 10% of users were unable to login. Those users took to Twitter to lament their inability to log into the game.

President of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, came rushing in to assuage some of the complaints and panic over the server being over-crowded, taking to the H1Z1 sub-Reddit to explain...
“We fixed the bad login issues. They were thorny but they are dead now.

“We are still seeing sporadic reports of G29 and G99 errors. We're also seeing some issues where people are saying they log out and then when they try to login it says they can't because they don't own the game. We're going to need to investigate those first thing in the morning when we have our platform team in to deal with the issues. I want to be clear that we understand that some people still cannot get in and we take that seriously, but the stats show that the vast majority (over 90%) of the people that want in are having no problems. I'm not minimizing the other 10%.. it's just we need some people with fresh eyes to handle.”

Logging into a popular MMO on launch day is always a hassle. Although in this case I think a lot of the teething issues that MMOs usually suffer on launch are being quelled during Early Access, which helps H1Z1 in the long run. By the time it's ready to “officially launch” there will be a lot more server stability, fleshed out features and fewer bugs.

According to Smedley, the team is already out bug-squashing where they see fit.

But login and bugs aren't the only problem... cash shop airdrops are another big problem. According to Hardcore Gamer there is a sizable amount of H1Z1 players discontent with the cash shop airdrops. This became apparent during some of the first live-streams where gamers noticed that certain items were dropping that weren't supposed to be in the airdrops... such as guns. Weapons being in airdrops mean people could pay to get a combat advantage, effectively making the game pay-to-win. Previously it was mentioned that guns wouldn't be in airdrops, just cosmetic items.

Community members aren't necessarily jumping to Smedley's most recent post on Reddit, as some users rebelled against the post, citing the image above about the team supposedly lying about some features. Reddit user ilovesnes stated...
“What on earth is wrong with you people? You're all just going to suck up to Smedley because he's doing damage limitation here? That is utter codswallop, and you should be ashamed. He has flat-out LIED to this community and by purchasing/continuing to support this game, you are only supporting shitty publishing ethics.

“At the very least, you should be ceaselessly expressing your discontent until they restore the game back to what they fucking promised it would be.”

That's always the trouble of cash-shop oriented games. H1Z1 is available right now on Steam's Early Access platform. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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