Halo 4 players have a new map to mess around with. The Forge Island map has passed through the certification process and can now be downloaded through Xbox Live for free.

Forge Island has three flat islands called the "Great Anvils." As the screenshots demonstrate, it's not a very exciting map. The idea is that it's a blank slate for players to use for their own custom maps.

This map is available through the Halo 4 in-game store or Xbox Live. In order to redeem it, you'll need to have 150MB of free hard drive space. You'll also need Xbox Live Gold if you plan on playing online.

343 is also planning to make many other additions to Halo 4's multiplayer soon. The Castle Map Pack will launch on April 8th with three new maps. This DLC will launch alongside a new Competitive Skill Rank system to match players with opponents of comparable skills.

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