Halo 4: the game so big it gets two launch trailers. The second launch trailer for the Xbox 360-exclusive shooter is a montage of in-game footage designed to get your blood pumping.

H4 picks up where Halo 3 left off, with Master Chief and Cortana drifting in a ruined frigate. They soon encounter an artificial planet called Requiem. This planet was built for unknown reasons by the Forerunners, the ancient race of beings that also constructed the titular Halos.

The Forerunners were thought to be extinct. However, we learn in this trailer that some of them survived and have been confined on Requiem for thousands of years. They're unexpectedly set free (the trailer makes it look like it's Chief's fault) and have to be destroyed before they do...something bad.

343 Industries previously released a live-action launch trailer. It's certainly worth your time as well.

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