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Microsoft and 343 Industries released the official details on Halo 4's multiplayer offering. The multiplayer, dubbed Halo Infinity Multiplayer, centers around a starship called the UNSC Infinity.

Spartan Ops is an episodic series starring the crew of the Infinity. They also introduce a group of of Spartan super-soldiers known as Majestic Squad. The episodes, released on a weekly basis, will provide players with new objective-based missions playable in either single-player or four-player co-op. Players will get a chance to explore the Forerunner world at the heart of Halo 4's main campaign.

The press release mentions that Spartan Ops will be available for no additional charge. The trick is that you have to wait for 343 to release each new episode. I assume that you get access through some sort of Online Pass included with new copies of the game.

The combat deck of the UNSC Infinity provides players with a number of competitive gameplay modes. These War Games let players battle it out with their own custom Spartan-IV soldiers. Players will be able to choose from different armor abilities and loadouts before hopping into battle. H4's progression system features earnable "Specializations" that augment your chosen playstyle, be it stealth or frontal assault.

There's still plenty of multiplayer information to be revealed. For example, Microsoft says that they'll announce the different modes for War Games at a different date. They also didn't release any video footage or screenshots today. We've got the whole summer to find out more, though.

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