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Nearly two dozen screenshots from Halo 4 were released by 343 Industries today. They reveal, among other things, that the Flood will be making an appearance in the game.

The Flood, a parasitic alien race featured prominently in earlier games in the series, will be the subject of a new multiplayer mode. In Flood Mode, two players start the match as infected. They then try to spread their parasite to the other 10 non-infected players. While infected by the Flood, players have improved vision and powerful claws.

It's not clear whether the Flood will make an appearance in the campaign as well. They do have a knack for showing up at the absolute worst time. Master Chief already has two types of enemies - Covenant and Prometheans - to deal with, though, so the Flood wouldn't be missed if they sit this one out.

You might also notice a giant mech in these screenshots. That enormous hunk of metal is called the Mantis. You'll have access to it at least once during the single-player campaign.

Halo 4's worldwide launch is set for November 6th.

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