Microsoft and 343 Industries are both gearing up for the biggest and final free update for Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One. The sci-fi shooter will receive a fairly hefty smattering of content for the Warzone mode, including some new PvE Firefights to give the multiplayer co-op some extra flair.

Gamespot picked up the news about the new update, where they detail that the Warzone Firefight mode will include multiple maps to play on, and it will be accompanied by some new Forge features including a brand new canvas, and some brand new skins for the armor and vehicles.

In fact, the update will contain a new Sword Needler Warthog livery for the four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, a new legendary Starfire customization pattern, and a new Stinger armor set, along with four new weapon skins called Hybrid. Two new dog tags are also coming featuring a New Mombasa logo and a Grunt logo.

The above mentioned items are just teases, though. There will be three additional dog tags added in the Halo 5 Warzone Firefight update in June. There will also be an extra Hybrid skin in addition to the four mentioned above, a second armor set that will arrive alongside the Stinger set, and three more vehicle skins, likely based around the Sword Needler livery.

All of these features went through the beta testing ringer before finally making it through the update curation process. Back in April, 343 Industries had players testing the maps and features and testing them again and again to ensure that they were ripe and ready for Halo 5's June update.

Originally some of the content was supposed to go live during a separate update called Hog Wild, but the content ended up getting pushed back for polish purposes and now it's eventually going to make it into the Warzone update.

As mentioned, this will be the last of the seven free updates for Halo 5. Following the June release all subsequent content will be paid. So get in on the free DLC while the getting in is good.

Microsoft and 343 Industries will also be expanding the Forge mode later this year for Windows 10 users. The mode will not mark the arrival of Halo 5 on PC, but the Forge mode will enable PC users to build maps and upload them to Xbox Live so that Xbox One owners can then download and play the maps in their own leisure time.

A few years back the SteamDB noted that there were entries made for Halo 3 amongst other games. Many suspected that Microsoft would be porting over the first three Halo games to Steam as HD remasters. However that was not the case and whatever Microsoft was doing with Halo 3 on Steam was likely just for testing purposes, possibly in preparation for the Forge mode? Anyway, PC gamers will at least be able to get their hands on Halo Wars 2, so they will eventually get their fix of Halo outside of those Spartan games.

You can look for the Warzone Firefight update to go live for Halo 5 next month in June.
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