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For the first time ever Microsoft and 343 Industries showed off the campaign gameplay for Halo 5: Guardians. The new gameplay video showcases the single-player portion of the game and we get to see Buck interacting with Locke as the new-school Spartans seek out Master Chief.

GamesHQ Media doesn't actually capture some of more interesting modes and features of Halo 5: Guardians but the video gives you a lot of details on the strict campaign features.

For instance, we see that Locke is handing out commands and directions to his teammates, one of which includes Buck played by Nathan Fillion. Locke tells his fellow Spartans to attack other enemies and check out various locations.

The action is mostly the same as previous Halo titles. We see that the Battle Rifle has returned and the shotgun has a visual upgrade over previous shotguns in the series. We also get a look at a Plasma cannon that rips through a few enemies. The grunts at the start of the video are as cowardly as ever, while the Elites are still willing to put up a fight.

One neat thing that's teased at the beginning is an Elite that's not quite dead that Spartan Locke shoots on sight. I do wonder if there will be points in the game where you battle some foes and they don't quite die, forcing players to have to return to them to finish them off. That would be pretty neat and it would really elevate the difficulty of the gameplay.

As for the gameplay itself... we see something new in this Halo that previous Halo games didn't focus on quite so much: cinematic set-pieces.

Halo 5: Guardians takes a bit of a page out of Call of Duty's playbook. We see that the ground starts crumbling beneath Locke and his crew and they proceed to hurry through the segment to avoid certain death.

Something a bit new to the series is the platforming. Yes, we get to see Halo 5 exercising a little bit of platforming where Locke hops around to avoid falling to certain death. How many of these segments will be interspersed throughout the gameplay remains to be seen, but it's nice that 343 Industries is getting a bit bold and introducing a few new elements into the overall gameplay.

The trailer ends giving gamers a look at some of the massive battles that they will experience in Halo 5, including some of the new vehicles, some of the aerial combat, some of the ground combat, some of the massive creatures you'll face down against and some enemies that will test your mettle.

You'll be able to experience Halo 5 and all the cool new features thrown into the game, including the new 24-player Warzone, PvPvE mode, starting October 27th later this year for the Xbox One.