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A new cinematic trailer has surfaced featuring everyone’s favorite biogenetically enhanced super-soldier in battle-hardened green armor, Master Chief. The trailer is short and sweet and will probably leave many fans itching to finish the fight…again.

Before you anti-Halo fanboys get up in a ruckus over the trailer with comments like “OMG, they milking Halo so much, u suk M$!” It’s not an official trailer from Bungie, 343 Studios or anything remotely related to Microsoft. It’s a fan-made trailer by the popular community group known as the Duo Group. You can check out the new trailer below.

If you thought that was good you should see the Duo Group’s much more impressive “Brothers to the End” trailer. This trailer will only serve the (unintended?) purpose of further making the community aware of Halo: Anniversary Edition which will be launching this November, exclusively for the Xbox 360. I’m sure Microsoft isn’t complaining because it’s practically free advertising.

You can check out more trailers by the Duo Group by visiting their Official Website. Need more info on Halo? Well feel free to pay a kind visit to the Official Website.