For those heroes and villains still fighting the good fight on DC Universe Online, today marks the release of the ninth content pack for SOE's massively multiplayer online role playing game.

For those who have forgotten, DCUO puts players in the role of super-charged heroes and villains, all struggling to wreak havoc or save the streets (and skies) of Gotham City and Metropolis. Even cooler is the fact that the game is free-to-play and, if you have an extra 15 or so gig available on your PS3 hard drive, you can download it and dive in for exactly zero dollars.

Some of the expansion content has come with a small price tag, however, and it remains to be seen if this latest addition to the game, “Hand of Fate,” will be any different. I suppose we can all find out together in a few hours when the PlayStation Store updates.

Magic plays a big role in Hand of Fate as Doctor Fate (Heroes) and Felix Faust (Villains) recruit members of the DCUO universe to aid in their heroic/dastardly causes. Both Fate and Faust will offer unique quests for the individual alliances, a first for the online game. Usually players get a somewhat tweaked version of the same set of missions no matter which side they're fighting for. This time around, high level characters will receive a unique set of objectives depending on whether they are fighting for good or evil. According to this post from DCUO Executive Producer Larry Liberty, the new content will take players to familiar areas where new and challenging rivals have set up shop.

Hand of Fate will also give players access to the new Utility Belt Attachements, which allows you to equip more than a single trinket or consumable item to your character. Now your fighting options will be greater than ever which, in turn, should make combat even more fun.

Check out all of this new content when Hand of Fate comes to DC Universe Online later today.

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