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There’s no better way to game in style than to have a limited edition, custom controller in your hands. And that’s exactly what Microsoft is giving away, offering gamers a chance to win one of several Xbox One consoles and controllers themed after several new and upcoming titles.

In the latest post from Major Nelson’s blog, we find that the folks at Microsoft are feeling mighty generous these days.

In celebration of PAX East 2016, Microsoft is giving folks who are on-site or following along from home a chance to win themselves a shiny new console that their friends will gaze upon with envy. As you can see in the image above, the controllers sport designs themed after several games, including upcoming third-person shooter Gears of War 4, recently launched time-warp romp Quantum Break, the soon-to-be-released first-person MOBA Overwatch and the highly anticipated parkour action title, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. And for you folks who adore IGN, there’s also a controller themed after that games news site.

Based on what we’ve read, it sounds like the controllers are the only part of the package sporting these special themes. Winners will get an Xbox One but, since there are no images of the consoles, we’re guessing they’ll be the vanilla variety.

In order to win one of these packages, all you have to do is capture and share a photo of one of the controllers with a custom design along with the #XboxSweepstakes hashtag. Otherwise, you can just retweet one of @Xbox’s #XboxSweepstakes posts that pop up on Twitter throughout the promotion. In case you’re curious, said promotion will run from April 21-24, so you won’t have long to submit your entry. For full rules, you’ll want to turn to the official website.

Obviously, it’s going to be pretty difficult to post pictures of those controllers if you aren’t at PAX yourself, hence the alternate form of submission. If you are at PAX, though, just drop by 5044 and 6044, which is where Microsoft is setting up shot. The controllers will be on display there, so get to snapping pictures.

Since you’re there, you might as well play some games, too. Microsoft will have several titles on display, including Gears 4, Quantum Break, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Overwatch, as well as games that don’t have their own controller skins like Cuphead and the Forza Motorsport 6 Porsche expansion.

Some additional controllers will be on display, too, including the Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow, which boast ombre fade finishes.

If you don’t already own an Xbox One, this isn’t a bad way to potentially add one of the consoles to your home gaming collection. If you already have an Xbox One, I doubt the thought of two consoles is going to prevent you from entering the contest, too. I mean, two Xbox Ones are better than one Xbox One, right?

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