Square Enix released the last of their introductory trailers for Hitman: Absolution. This video doesn't focus on any specific feature of the game. Instead, it's a collection of gameplay footage showing why Agent 47 is the best assassin-for-hire in the world.

Agent 47 can use stealth, disguises, and violence to complete his assassination contracts. The third option is really emphasized in this trailer. Someone who had no prior experience with Hitman might conclude from this video that it's just a third-person shooter.

In truth, though, the game shares more DNA with Dishonored and Deus Ex than Call of Duty or Max Payne. While there's always a direct, violent approach to a mission, players are encouraged to find more subtle methods. On the higher difficulty levels, you'll need to play smarter to survive.

At a few moments in the trailer, Agent 47 sees the silhouettes of characters through walls. This is his new Instinct ability. He can rely on it in limited doses to help him complete missions. It's also possible to use Instinct to slip past a guard that might otherwise see through your disguise.

Absolution will debut on November 20th across the world.

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