Sometimes, games are difficult to get and stay into. 

No matter how great, how high-profile, how all-encompassing, or technically proficient the game is, sometimes I just can't focus. My mind wanders. What am I missing out on? What's going on in the Internet world? Is there any gaming news I haven't read? What about my other games? I need to finish them.

Sometimes it feels impossible to let myself become entranced by the game in front of me. Perhaps it's just a boring game. That can't always be true though, right? Now that it's sitting in front of me on the television screen, my eyes keep wandering over to the stack of games on my bookshelf. There are so many. I have time to complete them. So why don't I want to?

I can only surmise that this stems from the fact that I just want to experience every game there is out there. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I walk into a GameStop or similar location and suddenly, my need to buy anything else greatly diminishes. But when I have these titles that I couldn't wait for, sometimes I just have so much trouble concentrating because there are so many other things to try.

There is a mind-boggling amount of games out there to soak in. Never in my life will I see or play them all. It's impossible. And that's why gaming is one hobby that you can never truly say you're "done" with, or that you've "seen it all" with. So how do I cope?

Luckily, I've got a tried and true set of options that I can use to curb this overwhelming feeling. I can "force" myself to get back into the mindset that I will pick one game and stick with it. And here's how:
Lend out games to friends.

If my friends have those games that I feel I'm going to have to force myself to decide between, how am I going to get to them? I could call them and have my babies returned, but that's too much trouble. If all I have around is that one game I have been meaning to complete for two or three years now, then I'll suck it up and make some progress. Sad, but true. That's how I had to finally conquer The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, because I was stuck at the infernal Water Temple for what seemed like an eternity. I know. I'm pretty horrible.

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