How To Find The Crash Bandicoot Strange Relic In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

In Uncharted 4, there are three different Strange Relics you can find in the game, all of which are in discreet locations. But if you’re deadset on getting that Crash Bandicoot Strange Fruit, we have news for you. Because getting the beloved Wumpa fruit reference is not quite as complicated as it sounds. 

In Chapter 21 of Uncharted 4 (titled Brother’s Keeper), your golden opportunity will arise towards the end of the chapter. At the end of the chapter you will come to a cave at the bottom of a cliff. To get down there, you need to tie your rope to a wooden structure and rappel down. Once you jump off the ledge with your rope, you’ll see Avery’s ship while hanging.



You’ll notice a darker area underneath the cliff you were just on. Yes, that’s a small cave. 


You’ll have to get yourself to swing in order to be able to reach the ledge. It’ll take a little wiggling before you feel like you’ve got the right angle to jump, and when you do, let her rip and try your best to get Nate to grab the ledge. Once he’s on the ledge, you’ve basically already made it to the Strange Relic. Pull yourself up and you should see the Strange Relic glinting at you from the ground in the cave. This is generally how Strange Relics are found in the game. You’ll be able to find the relics by looking for this tiny glints of light. 

There are two other Strange Relics in the game, one being an obvious item from Jak And Daxter and the other an item from The Last Of Us

We recently wrote up an article about other major Crash Bandicoot references in Uncharted 4. One of the biggest references in the game was a moment near the beginning of the game. I don't want to give it away and spoil it for anyone, but you literally cannot miss this blunt reference to Crash Bandicoot. It's impossible to miss it. And while many enthusiasts are hoping all of these references is a hint to something that's coming in the future, nothing has been confirmed. Only that Sony stepped forward to remind everyone that Activision still holds the rights to Crash Bandicoot. We get it, we get it. But we can still hope. But it's still nice to see Naughty Dog remembering that Crash Bandicoot has a dedicated and loyal following and occasionally feeds us with goofy Easter Eggs from time to time. 

But in Uncharted 4, I never would’ve found the relics without looking it up online. I'm not the best at finding hidden things like that in video games. Things like this are hidden in plain sight in a way that feels so camouflaged. So don’t feel bad if you had to read this article to find out where the Crash Bandicoot Strange Relic was. You aren’t the only one. If you want to know where the other two relics are, you can watch the video below. If you jump ahead to 1:31, you can see how to get to the Crash Bandicoot Strange Relic with gameplay from the game.