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A couple of new gameplay videos for Attack on Titan have surfaced from out of promotional vault of Koei Tecmo. The first video covers some of the basics of mobility, while the second video goes more in-depth on how to take down the titans with those skills.

As you can see in the video above, as spotted by Game Informer, players will have access to the 3D gear from the Attack on Titan anime and manga. In the game it's referred to as omni-directional mobility gear.

Using the 3D gear will deplete the gas, so it's important to refuel when the tank gets low. They mention in the video that using the maneuverability gear in connection with the blades can help slow down and incapacitate the titans. They mention in the video to carefully time attacks and avoid head-on attacks since they can be thwarted, deflected, or worse yet, leave you in a position where a titan can bite your head off. The objective is to get behind a titan and slice open its nape.

The more hacking and slashing that's done in Attack on Titan, the more the blades weaken. Once the durability on the blades are too low, they won't be as effective during combat, so you'll have to find another teammate with supplies to replace your damaged blades.

The second trailer gets more into the nuance of combat and teamwork, you can check that one out below.

Players will be able to recruit up to four members to a team by venturing around Trost (or whichever map you happen to be on) and interacting with the soldier. There are a variety of different soldiers at different skill levels.

For soldiers with low skill ranks, you can increase their abilities in Attack on Titan by taking on side-missions. The better their skills, the less likely they'll die in battle.

Teammates can also be directed to take on titans in special attack formations, this is useful when going against a titan who is quick to react and hard to take down. Multiple members fighting the titan will leave it open for a possible attack on its nape.

The videos all showcase a very intense, fast-paced, arcade style for the gameplay, but I do wonder if it's going to be a lot harder than what we see in the promo trailers? The Attack on Titan anime is known for its harrowing violence and stark, futile portrayals of combat. So I do wonder if that will translate into the game at some point?

Developers Omega Force are known for their fast-paced, musou based games like Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi. So I'm curious if they'll be able to dial it back and bring some of the intensity and hopelessness from the Attack on Titan anime to the game? I guess we'll find out when August 30th arrives and the title launches on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360.

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