Huge Update For Payday 2 Brings 1.4GB Worth Of Changes

Overkill Software just released a new patch for the PC version of Payday 2 (poor console gamers still being left in the dust). The patch contains some massive updates, upgrades and fixes to some of the core gameplay mechanics, as well as slight tweaks to some skills, map layouts and the AI.

Unfortunately, the changelog does not include any patch notes for teammate AI, even though it was one of the most maligned aspects of the game and one of the main reasons why the review scores were slightly lower than they could have been.

Well, you'll have to keep your waiting boots on because Overkill won't let you walk down the path of improved AI just yet. Nevertheless, the team did roll out a few other changes, including fixes for being revived through walls... now you'll actually have to be in the presence of your fallen comrade to revive them (no more of that super over-powered reviving from the Mastermind class).

The changelog also notes...

We got word from Bain that the Washington PD is really stepping up their car chase unit - keep an extra eye out in the back mirror heading out of your heists Bags - you no longer can grab them through walls, fences and such - the easy days are gone!

Whew, I'm glad I did those few runs last night where a teammate was healing us through the walls.

The team also overhauled a few of the skills, which you can check out below.

* Updated several skill descriptions

* ECM jammers can now be used to open ATM machines

* Tweaked ECM feedback potency

* Silent Killer is buffed

* Silent Drilling - Lower the drill sound effect volume when skill is activated

* Chameleon skill description text is now updated and more descriptive

* Drill Sergeant BASIC and ACE bonuses increased

* Buffed Cable Guy ACE

* Buffed converted cops damage

* Buffed Underdog BASIC

* Stockholm Syndrome - Civilians revive the player faster now

Oh man, everyone who pre-ordered the Xbox One should be very familiarized with that last skill.

The team has also fixed the enemies, modified some of the weapon damage and toughened up some of the boss-types.

One of the more important changes made to the game is with Overkill has made it easier to find and select jobs, as well as setup preferences for specific jobs, so you can only find the sort of heists that suit your play-style. This is pretty awesome, given that the old method kind of threw everyone into the same mixing pot and well... let's just say that it wasn't entirely to the benefit of gamers that wanted to play with certain other players of a certain other level.

The 1.4GB patch is available, for free, right now if you have the Steam version. I imagine after they iron out many of the big changes on the PC side and include a few more add-ons (such as Safe House customization), we'll then eventually see a patch roll out for the console versions.

Payday 2 is available right now. You can check out a few impressions here and here of the game to get a feel for what it plays like.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.