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Square Enix has decided to offer another pay-what-you-want bundle of their PC games. Humble Square Enix Bundle 2 offers eight games for cheap now with more on the way in the near future.

The collection focuses on Square Enix titles developed by Western studios rather than, say, the Final Fantasy series. It doesn't have as many games as the first Humble Square Enix Bundle but the trade-off is that it includes more recent releases.

The first level of the bundle, available if you pay $1 or more, includes Steam keys for third-person assassination game Hitman Absolution and real-time strategy Supreme Commander 2. You'll also get the Android version of Hitman Go, the first turn-based strategy based on the series.

By paying more than average for the bundle (the average being $5.68 at the moment), you'll get three more games. Thief is last year's reboot of the classic stealth series. Murdered: Soul Suspect is a supernatural detective game. I wasn't really fond of either game, to be honest, but this tier of rewards is redeemed by Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut. Human Revolution is a fantastic action game that lets players complete missions with a mixture of stealth, action and hacking. The Director's Cut adds a new chapter called "The Missing Link," a bonus mission featuring a character from the original game, and a Newgame+ mode.

This tier will be expanded with at least one more game before the Humble Bundle is taken down in two weeks. Typically, these late additions are announced about a week after the collection goes on sale so check back in about a week. You'll get these extra games even if you bought the bundle during the first week, though you obviously won't know what you're getting yet.

If you're willing to fork over $15, you'll get Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs. The former is a 2013 reboot of the series that chronicles Lara's first big adventure. Some long-time fans weren't happy that the game gave puzzles and platforming short shrift but the new open-world structure and improved combat were welcome changes for me. Sleeping Dogs, meanwhile, is a sandbox action game set in Hong Kong. The player is an undercover cop who must perform illegal activities to infiltrate the Triads.

Other than Hitman Go, all of the games in the bundle are for the PC. Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman Absolution are also playable on Mac.

The proceeds for Humble Square Enix Bundle 2 will go toward the charities Make-A-Wish Foundation and GamesAid, along with Square Enix and Humble Bundle Inc. When you purchase the bundle, you can choose how much of your money goes toward each organization.

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