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Microsoft will be celebrating the indie game scene on the Xbox One with a month-long game fest event featuring various independent titles across different categories, including best-sellers, free-to-play games and more.

Over on the official Xbox website they explain how they'll be celebrating various indie titles ranging from games like Superhot, Rocket League and ARK: Survival Evolved to more esoteric and niche titles like Beyond Eyes and Never Alone. The first three titles have been pretty big sellers across multiple platforms, focusing on the twitch skills, the competitive skills or the survival skills of hardcore gamers, where-as the latter two games are more about human stories fused with fantastical elements.

According to the post, the events will run throughout May, wrapping up at the end of the month. They released a brief trailer to showcase the games as well as a detailed roadmap of what they have planned and which games they plan to spotlight this month via the [email protected]

May 3rd – 9th: Discover. These are games that fit into the esoteric category, unique games that are a little different from the norm. The idea is that Microsoft will be hosting, promoting and discounting games in this category, such as Never Alone, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Beyond Eyes. Some might consider these to be artsy titles while others might see them as an opportunity to step outside the box.

May 10 – 16: Play For Free. The name says it all. All throughout the middle of May Microsoft will be highlighting the free-to-play indie titles on the Xbox One. Don't take the “free-to-play” moniker to mean “lesser”. They rattle off games like Smite and ROBLOX, which are two highly popular games. They also include Warframe in the list, which is one of the biggest free-to-play, hardcore action titles on the market at the moment. Essentially a lot of people compared Warframe to Destiny and note that Digital Extremes' space ninja MMO has managed to stay relevant while Destiny has not.

May 17 – 23: What's Next. This week will be all about the games set to arrive in full at some point down the line. These are games in the Xbox Game Preview program, including The Long Dark and The Solus Project, the latter of which was recently updated to include brand new content to expand the story and the gameplay options. Recently Microsoft announced that Sheltered had graduated from the Game Preview Program, and ARK: Survival Evolved is coming up next when it exits the program this June.

May 24 – 30: Best Of [email protected] This will be a week dedicated to the best indie games that have graced the console. While they list off games like Rocket League, The Escapists and The Banner Saga, don't be surprised if you also see games like The Deer God, Limbo and Another World to make the cut as well. It's a fine way to wrap up the event, discounting some of the best of the [email protected] while also discounting some of those titles as well.

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