InFamous: Second Son Has No Multiplayer But It Is Replayable

The co-founder of Sucker Punch Studios and the producer of inFamous: Second Son, Brian Fleming, opted to answer some fan questions about the upcoming exclusive for the PS4, and he had some interesting things to say about the game.

Actually, to be honest, they weren't that interesting if you've been following the game – so if you haven't been following the game, you'll probably find this post somewhat interesting (I can't make any promises, though, it's likely you'll get bored before you get to the second quote).

Over on the PlayStation Blog the Q&A took place, and Fleming rolled out some info about lead protagonist Delsin Rowe's powers... including his ability to harness Tron. Well, actually no... he has the ability to harness Neon. I don't know what that means. However, it looks like Tron: Legacy, so technically, Delsin Rowe has the power to harness Tron... as explained by Fleming...

“To avoid spoiling the game, we’ve really only talked about Smoke and Neon powers, and we’re keeping that stance until the game launches.”“One of the things we haven’t talked about is how many powers are in each set, and how many upgrades are available. Without putting specific numbers on it, there’s a substantial number of individual powers in each set, and many — if not all of them — are upgradeable.”

This is good news. One of my biggest gripes – apart from railing on the atrocious AI featured in the CES demo – was that the powers looked like spam-fests when Rowe was caught under fire from a goon squad. Repeatedly he pelted the armored force like he was spamming a laser blaster from Space Invaders. It's good to know that this was likely due to the power not being leveled up, as opposed to the game mechanics being broke. I feel enlightened now. Thanks Fleming!

As for multiplayer... Brian rolled out the news to make it known that there's no secret multiplayer option tucked away into the game. If this were the 16-bit or 32-bit era, maybe there would have been some secret, hidden-away feature, but this is the era of dirty ports and perpetual crunch-times. So, no Dice.

“’s a single-player experience, but of course you can share it with others using the fantastic Share button on DualShock 4.”

Also, just so you know: Delsin's appearance does change as he goes from moderate bad boy you wouldn't want your teenage daughter dating, to full-fledged bad boy you wouldn't even want your daughter looking at... you know, the kind of bad boy that carries condoms around in his pocket on his way to pick up a pack of cigarettes. Fleming admits that choices will affect Rowe's appearance...

“Yes, a lot of the things that players expect — like the changes in the character and the changes in the powers — are present. They all relate and feedback to the karma systems. So you’ll have vastly different visuals and powers depending on which way you’re playing.”

Last and least... Brian makes it known that even after the main mission ends, there's still stuff to do in Seattle...

“The inFAMOUS games always have secondary content spread throughout the world. There’s a fairly large DUP presence inside the city that remains to be cleared out after you finish the main game. They’ll continue to launch incursions into the city after you’ve wrapped up the campaign, so they’ll be plenty to keep you going.“And then, of course, for a lot of players the first thing they’ll want to do is go back and play the other “karmic” direction. Between that mix of things, people should have plenty to do in the after-game and in their second playthrough.”

That's cool beans. No one likes paying $60 for a four hour long campaign and a laggy, throwaway multiplayer component. I'm not talking about any single one game in particular... you know, I'm just saying.

InFamous: Second Son is set to launch at the end of March, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. You can pre-order the game right now or sit back and wait for the reviews to drop before diving head-first into Sony's first big post-launch exclusive.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.