InFamous: Second Son Pre-Order Comes With Condoms At GameStop Italy

Big box with a cool new game? Check. Awesome special edition box art? Check. Booklets and energy drinks? Double check. Glow-in-the-dark condoms? Oh you better believe it.

Whether you're into bananas or cherries, GameStop Italy wants to ensure that gamers are guaranteed to have a good time with inFamous: Second Son like Lindsay Lohan is guaranteed for another career-breakdown (assuming there's still a career left to breakdown).

Game Revolution spotted the news thanks to a post on Neogaf, where the pre-order kit from GameStop Italy (opens in new tab) was discovered.

As noted on Game Revolution...

“Preorder inFAMOUS: Second Son in Italy to get the Preorder Kit, a GameStop exclusive, containing a copy of the game, energy drinks, and a pack of glow-in-the-dark condoms. That's right. Glow-in-the-dark condoms.”

I think this is a great way to help boost the sex appeal of gamers. I mean, if you put the condoms on before you start playing with some friends over (male or female alike) and Delson Rowe starts getting you all excited and amped up, your friends will think you have crotch-context sensitive powers, as your rocket starts blasting off and glowing through your pants like the neon-colored bad guys from Halo. Heck, they'll likely assume you plucked your pecker in a plushy full-up of pastelic glowing goo, or maybe you contracted something oozy from your old Stretch Armstrong doll when you decided to re-enact scenes from the popular HBO show “Oz”.

Either way, glowing condoms is the best way to make an impression, for better or for worse. Only non-cool hipsters would think that glowing condoms aren't cool, and I guess that's why they just aren't getting any or having to rely on Voina tactics to get any action at all... and it doesn't get anymore hipster than Voina.

I'm not really sure if GameStop Italy is hoping this thing catches fire with co-ed pitchers and hitters or same team players, but I imagine this thing could be huge if exposed to the right people. I mean, gamers are always labeled as basement dwelling troglodytes of a neck-bearded nature, but this trends – if it just picks up enough traction – could prompt to make people believe gamers are extroverted, glowing-condom wearing exhibitionists. And I mean, come on, is it better to be considered as someone likely to run up to a group of unknowns in public flashing your glowing “powers” or to be considered a mama's boy with pants so ill-fitting that your butt-crack has its own zip code?

If you want to get in on the glowing-condom action, you be sure to pay a kind visit to that new-wave hipster GameStop in Italy. They're definitely doing things right for the future representation of gamers.

If Delsin Rowe and co., gets you burning whether you're wearing a glowing condom or not, you won't have to wait long to delve into Delsin when inFamous: Second Son launches this March, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Oh yeah... and about that Stretch Armstrong... just tell your friends you mistakenly sat him on a pin (a really small pin) and that's why he was leaking his gel from back there. Trust me, they'll believe you.