Batgirl will be the next character added to Injustice: Gods Among Us's roster. A new trailer from NetherRealm Studios shows Barbara Gordon fighting the Joker.

The Joker is wearing a new costume in the fight. It's apparently based off one of his outfits in the graphic novel The Killing Joke. It's appropriate that he's fighting Batgirl in that outfit. He actually paralyzed her with a gunshot in The Killing Joke. Her paralysis was cured in DC Comics' The New 52 relaunch of its various characters.

Batgirl fights a lot like Batman. She's an agile character who relies on gadgets like a grappling hook in battle. For her ultimate move, she grabs Joker and uses her grappling hook to soar high into the air. After dropping him to the ground, she leaps down onto her prone enemy.

If you're a Season Pass holder, you'll be able to download Batgirl for no additional charge. The Killing Joke Pack will be sold separately.

Batgirl is the second DLC character for Injustice. The first character, Lobo, arrived earlier this week.

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