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Black Adam

Shazam's arch-nemesis will be joining him in the fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. A new image from NetherRealm Studios confirms Black Adam will be part of the roster.

Black Adam possesses many of the same abilities as Shazam. He has superhuman speed and strength, as well as unlimited stamina. He can also fly if need be.

The above image presumably shows Black Adam's default costume for the game. NetherRealm should have plenty of ideas for alternate costumes, as the character has been around for nearly 70 years.

Injustice depicts an all-out war between Black Adam, Shazam, and the rest of the world's superbeings. It's not clear how characters without superpowers like Joker manage to fight the likes of Black Adam without being punched into dust. NetherRealm might have some plot device up their sleeve to explain that. Or maybe they'll just hope everyone realized this game is set in a comic book world and requires some suspension of disbelief.

NetherRealm will release Injustice next month.

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