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Today Warner Bros. Interactive confirmed details on the next bits of Injustice: Gods Among Us downloadable content. July will bring a new Superman character skin and a new playable character, General Zod.

The new skin for Superman is inspired by Man of Steel. Man of Steel, the latest Superman film, debuted in theaters last week. In the film, General Zod comes to Earth and it falls to Superman to stop him. The skin will cost $1 to download.

General Zod, like Superman, is from Krypton. He possesses many of the same abilities, such as superhuman strength and heat vision. Zod isn't just a simple re-skin of Superman, though. He also wields some sort of energy blaster to hit enemies from a range. Additionally, the gameplay video shows him summoning a minion to chomp on his opponent.

His ultimate ability is pretty amazing. He literally throws his opponent into the Moon and out the other side. After that, he knocks them back down to other with his heat vision.

Zod's inclusion in Injustice was first confirmed during Conan O'Brien's review last week. At the time, we got a glimpse at the character's Flaming C skin, basically a superhero version of Conan. Presumably that skin is included with the $5 add-on.

General Zod is the fourth and final DLC character included in the Season Pass. Previous Pass characters included Batgirl, Lobo and Scorpion. If I had to choose four characters to add to the roster, I don't think I would've picked that quartet. I certainly wouldn't have picked a non-DC character like Scorpion - that just feels like a complete waste. Personally, I would've preferred Zatanna, Mr. Manhattan, Martian Manhunter, and *cough* Detective Chimp. Can't make everyone happy, though.

A gameplay trailer for General Zod is below.

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