Superheroes and diabolical villains collide this week on the PlayStation Network as Injustice: Gods Among Us leads off the weekly batch of new content as a day-one digital download.

After NetherRealm Studios reminded everyone just how badass a fighting series like Mortal Kombat could be with a back-to-its-roots relaunch a couple of years ago, the fact that the studio's next game would focus on the characters of the DC comic book universe initially came as something of a surprise. While many initially had reservations, however, early showings of the game and a successful demo have fighting fanatics singing a different tune as Injustice looks to be just as strategic and brutal as any brawler on the market. We can all dig deeper starting tomorrow, as Injustice: Gods Among Us launches on the PlayStation Network.

The remainder of this week's new offerings truly ranges the spectrum, including everything from an old-school RPG to a third-person shooter and even a multiplayer sidescrolling beat-em-up.

Dragon Fantasy Book I is a classic style RPG that pays homage to genre greats while delighting with a clever self-aware sense of humor. Part of Sony's ongoing push to dish out the indie goodness, Dragon Fantasy will be available as a PS3/PS Vita cross-buy title once it hits PSN tomorrow afternoon.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 will bring stealthy kills to this week's PSN update while Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold brings the classic FMV shooter to a whole new generation of gamers. And then there's Sacred Citadel, the new side-scrolling hack-and-slash from Deep Silver featuring multiple playable classes and loads of enemies to pummels.

Finally, the PlayStation 2 Classics collection grows a little bit bigger tomorrow with the releases of RPG Maker III, giving players all of the tools they need to create their very own classic-style roleplaying game.

Look for these latest titles, as well as the usual batch of videos, DLC, etc. to hit the PlayStation Network when the regular weekly update goes live sometime Tuesday afternoon. For more details, visit the PlayStation Blog.

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