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Aquaman is far from the most popular DC superhero out there. Most people only know him as the guy who can talk to fish. However, the new Injustice: Gods Among Us shows a more bad-ass side of the character.

While yes, he does speak to fish, that's only one of Aquaman's many powers. He also possesses superhuman strength and speed. Living underwater for so many years has made his body extremely resilient as well. In battle, Aquaman wields Neptune's Trident and can call down waves on his enemies.

His personal arena is, as you might imagine, Atlantis. You can see some footage of him battling The Flash, Joker, and others in his throne room in the trailer. The Flash's encounter with Aquaman ends on a surprisingly bloody note.

Will Aquman be one of the most popular characters in the cast? Maybe not. However, NetherRealm Studios is trying hard to make him look like an appealing option.

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