Interview: Cartoon Network's Hero 108 Online Features And Modes Explored

The new free-to-play MMO from Gamania Digital Entertainment is called Hero: 108. This action-MMO is based on the cartoon of the same name on the Cartoon Network. We had the privilege of getting in some back and forth Q&A time with folks over at Gamania regarding Hero: 108, which you can check out below. For more information on the game feel free to head over to the Official Website.

Game Blend: All right, for a lot of the people out there who have no idea what Hero: 108 Online is, can you give a brief rundown of the game’s concept?

Gamania: The story behind Hero: 108 Online: Long ago, humans and animals lived together in harmony until HighRoller, a mischievous guy, was unceremoniously banished from the Eastern capital. HighRoller grudgingly wandered the Hidden Lands and developed a deep hatred for the people who cast him out. Fate -- often a playful catalyst -- intervened, and HighRoller was struck by lightning, gaining the amazing ability to speak to animals. With his new powers, HighRoller brainwashed his new furry friends into believing that humans are evil and began his plans to take revenge on those who exiled him. High Roller’s massive Animal Army now wages war on all humans, attempting to drive them out of neighboring kingdoms. So, just when you thought woodland creatures were harmless, they descend maniacally, causing havoc and unrest. As part of the squad of heroes, it’s your mission to overcome the chaos and bring peace to the Animal Kingdom!

Game Blend: Right off the bat, this game has some really wacky characters. What was the inspiration behind an over-the-top game featuring some of these unique faces and characters?

Gamania: Hero: 108 Online uses the same characters and storyline as the cartoon, Hero: 108, which airs on Cartoon Network. The original art concept was created by Phonenix Tarng from Gamania Creative Center, and was then co-produced into a cartoon by Moonscoop and Cartoon Network. The characters are loosely based on the historical Chinese novel, “The Water Margins”, but changed to a fun, quirky storyline and art style, for adults and children alike to enjoy.

Game Blend: Is it possible to talk about some of the differences between the various character types in the game?

Gamania: There are a total of eight characters, from both First and Second Squad, to choose from. Each character has his or her own element -- wind, water, fire or earth -- that you can use strategically to fight bosses with the opposite element. Hero: 108 Online has character classes not unlike other MMORPGs, with Lin Chung as the ranger, Mystique Sonia as the Mage, Mighty Ray as the Warrior, and Mr. NoHands as the healer, supporting the other party members. In the Second Squad, AlphaGirl Latifah is the Berserker, Archer Lee is the hunter, Kowloon is the monk, and lastly, Hurricane Lee is the Guardian.

Game Blend: According to the website, this is labeled as a free-to-play MMO. However, this isn’t a traditional grind-heavy MMO like Fly for Fun or Ran. What sort of gameplay features will gamers be able to look forward to in Hero: 108 Online that separate it from other games out there?

Gamania: Hero: 108 Online is more of an “Action-MMO” than a traditional MMORPG. It does have RPG elements, but the focus is on taking down scores of enemies through the easy-to-use combo system and by using the flashy skills that you’ll rank up as you level through the game. That all being said, you’ll find some of the more advanced features -- such as Raid Bosses, group instances, and guild systems -- that you would normally find in MMORPGs. The user-friendliness of the user interface and features such as the “Quest Path” also make Hero: 108 Online an easy game to transition to for our younger audience or fans that might not be familiar with traditional MMOs.

Game Blend: With the iPhone version on the way, what are some of the differences that will separate the mobile and PC version from one another? Will the iPhone version receive any sort of special features or modes?

Gamania: The iPhone version is a collection of mini-games based on the exploits of the First Squad members. Achieving certain scores in each of the mini-games will net you a sweet promo-code that you’ll be able to enter in the game to receive some cool gifts. We’re very “hush-hush” on what you can receive, so you’ll just have to download the game in the iTunes Store once it has been released to find out!

Game Blend: Will the game support traditional character customization with upgradeable parts or equipment, or will things be handled differently in Hero: 108 Online?

Gamania: The customization of individual pieces of equipment is done through the enchanting process, which requires a scroll, some crystal elements, and the item. Items have the ability to reach level 108 (hehe), but if you’re too greedy, there is a chance that the item can break, sending it into the nether abyss. As you upgrade the items to the highest levels, there is a really cool aura around them. Try it and find out!

Game Blend: Given the game’s lighthearted appeal, most people will assume this game is aimed at younger players. Is there enough depth to the content to appeal to core MMO gamers as well?

Gamania: Absolutely! As I briefly mentioned earlier, there are some really advanced instance quests that require groups of high level characters that can net you a sizeable amount of EXP, GP (in-game currency), and Fame. Increasing your Fame and completing tasks from General Brutus will earn you promotions in the Big Green Army, which give you access to special costume gear in addition to a special rank symbol next to your in-game name. There are also some really crazy Raid Bosses that require large groups of high level players to take down. The risk of defeat is high, but the reward for taking them down is definitely worth it!

Our thanks go out to the folks at Gamania for answering our questions. Gamers interested in learning more about this free-to-play action-MMO can do so by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.