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We tossed a couple of questions back and forth with the head honchos of GUNNAR, with topics ranging from consumer feedback to GUNNAR’s impeccable timing with getting into the 3D eyewear game. And for those of you out there questioning how well the autostereoscopic 3DS will work out with GUNNAR glasses, keep in mind that they already have available visual enhancing performance eyewear available…yep, 3DS supported eyewear is already available. Keep reading to get the complete rundown from the interview.

Game Blend: With 3D stereoscopic devices still picking up steam in the consumer market, at what point did Gunnar originally decide it was the right time to start developing 3D glasses for consumers?

GUNNAR We initially decided to get into the market because of the high level of interest and inquiries we had from our creative artists working in 3D. The demand for 3D is increasing in a variety of industries and has become a rapid growth segment in the job market. Once we announced our 3D eyewear launch, we had significant demand from both professionals as well as general consumers. We are focused on offering the highest quality 3D lens solution to people that work in fields requiring this technology, but we also cater to film aficionados, gamers and in-home enthusiasts.

Game Blend: The market has a fair selection of active 3D shutter glasses that cost quite a bit more than the passive 3D glasses offered by Gunnar. What was the reasoning for going with stylishly passive 3D glasses instead of the active shutter lens glasses that runs via battery?

GUNNAR Most of the professionals we work with use passive polarization technology formats. Our intent was to develop the highest quality optics for these professionals to reduce negative visual effects associated with viewing 3D content. While style and comfort enhance the experience, it is our advanced lens technology and superior optics that allow people to work better.

Game Blend: Following up on the last question, are there any plans to add active 3D glasses to Gunnar’s line-up somewhere down the road?

GUNNAR We have not announced plans for active shutter glasses at this point. However, we will continue to develop eyewear solutions that enhance human vision as we interact with our ever-changing technological demands – so keep your eyes on us!

Game Blend: What has been the general feedback on Gunnar going 3D and does the feedback affect how future products are developed for consumers?

GUNNAR The feedback on our 3D eyewear has been overwhelmingly positive. The price point has been questioned, but keep in mind that our 3D eyewear was originally developed for professionals using 3D. The people that are using 3D in the medical field, flying drones in the military or editing endless hours of film might agree that our high quality precision optics offer a significant benefit for the price.

For the casual movie-goer that sees one or two films a year, the price may be tough to justify. But for consumers who are really into 3D movies at the theater, don't want to touch the possibly germ-ridden plastic handouts, or want to reduce the risk of experiencing discomfort from "ghosting" images, the glasses have an immense amount of value. We value all consumer feedback and consider the visual needs of our customers while we further our research and development for future products.

Game Blend: Autostereoscopy is another emerging form of 3D that may soon permeate the consumer entertainment market, especially with upcoming gaming accessories and hardware such as the Nintendo 3DS. Are there any plans to adopt a series of glasses to enhance or coincide with autostereoscopic devices?

GUNNAR We actually have glasses that serve that purpose already, which is how we started as a company! Our main product line, the i-Amp lens solution, is optimized for viewing digital screens in various situations, whether its the game marathons or staring at a monitor in the office for hours on end. Our glasses will work to enhance the experience with autostereoscopy displays and help to reduce eye fatigue from straining to view the screen for long periods of time.

Game Blend: The upcoming gaming season is about to kick it into high gear. Are there any games out there the Gunnar crew is looking forward to or would suggest Gunnar enthusiasts to play while wearing the new 3D glasses?

GUNNAR I've been enjoying the range of LEGO games because I can play them with my kids. But there's something exciting about the upcoming Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - setting up a racing wheel and immersing yourself into the game in 3D. I've always loved the rush of the NFS series, and the new Hot Pursuit tops my list for the year of games I'd like to play in 3D on my iZ3D rig!

Our thanks to GUNNAR for answering the questions about their highly stylized optical eyewear. Of course, anyone interested in these products can scope out GUNNAR’s line-up over at their Official Website.

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