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A mysterious new action-strategy, world building game from Bad Robot Entertainment and Chair is on the way called Spyjinx. Information on the title is almost on the point of being nil and the game's website offers very little in the way of detailing how the game is played, other than offering gamers an opportunity to sign-up for the beta.

Game Informer posted up a short preview including a brief interview Geoff Keighley conducted with J.J. Abrams from Bad Robot, and Chair's co-founder Donald Mustard, where the concept of the game was discussed.

The interview doesn't really reveal anything and the buzzwords cocked and loaded into the conversation leave me more confused than informed. All we know is that Spyjinx is an action-strategy game with a “healthy dose” of RPG character development and “world building”. What does that even mean?

If you check the official website over on Epic Games, the description for the title completely reiterates everything J.J. Abrams and Donald Mustard state, with the website reading...
SPYJINX is a unique mix of action strategy gameplay, dynamic world building and RPG character development – all set in a thrilling, treacherous world of espionage. SPYJINX is expected for initial release on PC and mobile in 2016, and is now recruiting future closed beta players.

If you check the source code for the website there's absolutely nothing noteworthy there at all.

There is the SEO meta-tags and descriptions along with the basic embed code and javascript functions, but there's nothing.

Usually gamers can glean a thing or two from the website code, but that isn't happening here.

The only minor clue we have about the game is the background image at the bottom of the page showing what looks like a person with a backpack on ready to touch the screen of what's presumably a tablet device. Of course that's likely just an image indicating that Spyjinx will be heading into beta for mobile devices and PC.

I suppose it's like Lost and the hatch all over again, eh?

Anyway, this collaboration between Hollywood and gaming is nothing new. Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima were the two most recent collaborators who were working on something just about every hardcore gamer wanted to see happen: Silent Hills. That was before Konami pulled the plug on the project so they could go invest more money into their pachinko and slot machines.

Before that there was a game in the works by Gore Verbinski called Matter, but it kind of fell through. There was also Steven Spilberg's games... Boom Blox and Boom Blox Bash.

Abrams talking up the “never done before” aspect of the project leaves me with little hope or excitement. And despite Chair's unquestionable work on Shadow Complex and their masterful use of the Unreal Engine with their Infinity Blade series, I'm just not convinced that this will be any good until I see this game in action. The whole “world building” sounds nice but buzzwords on paper don't render pixels to screens.

We'll see what Spyjinx is like when the game's beta gets underway as it preps for its 2016 launch on PC and mobile devices.