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Today BioWare released the first video in a series called "Choose Your Side." Each "Choose Your Side" video will take a Sith Empire class from Star Wars: The Old Republic and match it up against a class from the Galactic Empire.

The first show-down is between a Jedi Knight and a Bounty Hunter. The Jedi Knight is a warrior dedicated to upholding peace in the galaxy. A Bounty Hunter, meanwhile, follows no such code. He's a "man with a gun against the world," as BioWare says in the video. It's noted, though, that you have some choice over your character's personality. A Jedi can abandon his Code and even turn to the dark side, while a Bounty Hunter can be, well, less of a bloodthirsty psycho than you'd expect.

When these two classes meet in battle, they employ very different tactics. The Bounty Hunter prefers to gun down foes from afar so he uses whatever gadgets he can to keep some distance between him and his quarry. The Jedi Knight, meanwhile, tries to get in close so he can slice up his target with his lightsaber.

Old Republic will launch right before Christmas.