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Tuesday is PlayStation Plus day and, this week, Sony's premium service is offering up a copy of Jet Set Radio for the PlayStation 3's Instant Game Collection, as well as a bunch of discounts on some Move games and all four titles in this summer's PLAY promotion.

One of the ill-fated Dreamcast's biggest legends, Jet Set Radio, was last year given the remake treatment, including a fresh coat of HD paint, some fancy new camera controls (thank god) and a beefed up soundtrack. It's a tricky game to get the hang of at first but, once you do, you'll discover a rewarding, wholly unique experience all about sticking it to the man with a can of spraypaint in your hand and a pair of rocket-powered rollerblades strapped to your feet.

Jet Set Radio for PS3 usually goes for $9.99 but, starting today, PS Plus subscribers will be able to tag the streets of Tokyo-to at no additional charge to their regular subscription fee.

Yesterday we announced the lineup for the PlayStation PLAY promotion, offering DickTales Remastered, Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark, Cloudberry Kingdom and ibb & Obb over the next month or so. While the first game of the promotion doesn't hit virtual shelves until next week, everyone can start pre-ordering the titles starting with today's update. Doing so will also net you a unique theme for each game. As a special bonus to Plus members, you'll be able to take 20 percent off the regular price of each game, making Stealth Inc., ibb & obb and Cloudberry Kingdom just $7.99 (regularly $9.99) and DuckTales just $11.99 (usually $14.99)

But the savings don't stop there. Several additional discounts are being offered through Plus this week, including one touch-focused action game for the Vita and three moves designed for the PlayStation Move.

Over on the Vita front, you can grab Draw Slasher for 20 percent off the regular price, making the entry fee just $3.19 if you're in the mood to take on Pirate Monkey Zombies with little more than fast reflexes and an itchy index finger.

Onto the PlayStation 3 and Sorcery leads the charge for Move sales. One of the original showpieces for the Move controller, Sorcery puts players in control of a young sorcerer who must cast spell and slay monsters in order to save the realm. Usually 10 bucks, you can grab it for $5 once the store update goes live later today.

Mini-game collection Carnival Island is also being discounted by 50 percent, making it just $5, too, while artistic exploration title, Datura can now be yours for just $2.50.

For more details on any of these games, visit the PlayStation Blog. Otherwise, look for the above content once today's regularly scheduled PSN update goes live.

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